When it comes to rafting, Val di Sole has no rivals. We are not the ones to say it! None other than ‘National Geographic’ mentions the Noce River among the 10 best rivers in the world for rafting. How can one be surprised, then, if this sport is among the most popular in Val di Sole? Especially since it is an activity suitable for everyone, for which no special skills are required. The only prerequisite is knowing how to swim. For everything else, just show up on the shore with a great desire to test yourself. Leading the expedition there is always a professional guide, who offers theoretical advice and essential technical information before starting the descent.

  • An extreme sport? A fun activity for young and old people? Both are true in Val di Sole!

Along the navigable 28 km of the Noce River, you can choose between the adrenaline of the rapids and the equally intense fun of the less impetuous stretches. All accompanied by the experience, professionalism and friendliness of the rafting guides.

  • ALL! Adults and children…

No special skills are required, just a great desire to have fun. You can spend happy moments with your family, friends, colleagues or join the crew with other participants you will meet on site. An average of 4-6 people usually board a raft. You can join forces to overcome a common opponent: the river, with its roaring and rushing waters.


The awards received by the Noce River are important, making it a real star for lovers of river sports:

  • the authoritative ranking of the “National Geographic” has drawn up a list of the ten best rivers in the world for rafting, with Noce being the only European river making the list and occupying the ninth position worldwide.
  • “Lonely Planet” certifies the Noce River as a prominent entity within river sports and the ranking declares it as the best river for rafting in Europe.
  • the portal dedicated to the world of canoeing “Kayaking Holidays” has included the river among the ten best in the world (the only European river) for the practice of kayaking.

For more experienced and curious enthusiasts, we give the opportunity to consult the specific technical descriptions of the river, section by section, starting from the hamlet of Cusiano to the artificial basin of Lake Santa Giustina.

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