Suspension Bridge in Val di Rabbi


It consists of a fascinating journey in Val di Rabbi that allows you to cross the Tibetan bridge suspended in the void at 1,366 m a.s.l., above the Rio Ragaiolo waterfalls. A walk immersed in nature that offers an unprecedented view of the valley and the stream that flows under your feet. The Tibetan bridge can be crossed in every season, on foot or with snowshoes!

Crossing the suspension bridge is an experience full of charm and adrenaline: walking for more than 100 meters suspended in the void at a height that reaches about 60 meters, from where you can admire a truly unique natural spectacle. Emotions and thrills for everyone: expert hikers, young people and families.


  • On foot from the Plan parking lot in Rabbi Fonti along the forest road that leads to the characteristic Venetian sawmill “Bègoi” along the Rabbies stream. From here, follow the directions for Malga Fratte and then continue towards the Ragaiolo Waterfall until you reach the entrance to the Tibetan bridge (about 30 minutes) – Rabbi Fonti Walk – Venetian Sawmill – Malga Fratte.
  • On foot from the car park at the Terme di Rabbi, taking the second gravel road on the left that crosses a bridge and continues slightly uphill towards Malga Fatte for about 1 km. When you reach the bridge over the Ragaiolo stream, take the path that zigzags up to the entrance to the Tibetan bridge (about 30 minutes)
  • If you want to make the walk last more, once you have crossed the Tibetan bridge, you can continue the route in the woods towards Malga Fratte or towards Coler, Malga Stablasolo and the spectacular Saènt waterfalls.
  • Do you want to be accompanied by the guides of EXPERIENCE VAL DI SOLE? No problem, the excursion to the Tibetan Bridge is organized every Monday and Friday. You can choose 2 departure times: that of 9.00 or that of 13.30


  • Crossing the bridge is not suitable for those suffering from vertigo
  • The guards on the sides of the bridge are high and there are no dangers, not even for children
  • The bridge is not suitable for four-legged friends, since the backdrop is made up of iron grates and the animals could be injured or frightened; it is therefore very likely that you will have to hold them in your arms in case they refuse to continue.
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